Why do service?

Because of ignorance,a large number of users of air conditioners have an opinion that air conditioners do not need to be cleaned and disinfected, and that is enough to regularly clean filters . Only when they in air-conditioned spaces begin to feel uncomfortable,when they feel unpleasant smell from the air conditioners or when the device does not cool enough, they look to repairers .

A growing number of owners of air conditioners is familiar with the dangers of dirty equipment and they want that servicers clean their air conditioner and prepare him for the season cooling.

If the air conditioner is not cleaned at least once a year, and in the business spaces even frequently,the air conditioner loses its charge and consumes more electricalenergy, and becomes a potential hotbed of bacteria in the room. The compressor ofair conditioner which is not maintained and cleaned, is running under load and it reduces the service life because of difficulties in air circulation and congestion.

In the order to clean, air conditioner needs to be dismantled or removed from the wall . The procedure of dismantling, cleaning and reconnecting with the outdoor unit is a demanding and expensive.

"Saving", which was accomplished not servicing air conditioner, will disappear quickly through the utility bill or, in the extreme case, buying a new appliance . And about unhealthy staying in a room with air-conditioning such that we are not talking.

Cleaning and disinfection of indoor units must include:
washing the evaporator, filters, masks and other mechanical equipment; cleaning fans, the drainage pan and condensate drain lines; disinfection of the evaporators and filters; setting tablets for disinfecting and freshening the air in the condensate pan.

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